Welcome to kennel Merry Marvels!

My name is Emma Welin and I live in Norrköping, Sweden. In 2003 our first Chihuahua came into my life, I was then 11 years old. My family bought a lovely girl named Chi’smywawa Ronja and both me and my mother Catrin became interested in dog shows and breeding.

While our love for Chihuahuas grew, we also had a couple of litters and in one of them a beautiful little girl was born. Her name is Tettchi’s Charming Little Disa and we’ve had, and still have, a wonderful time together in the ring. In summer 2011 she became Swedish champion and in summer 2012 she also became champion in Denmark. She is the founding bitch in my own kennel. Disa is very special to both me and my mother and I’m so proud and lucky that I have the opportunity to co-own her with my mother Catrin, Tettchi’s Kennel.

A never ending thank you to my mother for helping me make this dream come true and for being such a good mother, friend, support and inspiration. I’m so thankful that we have this co-operation together and I look forward for many years at dog shows and behind the whelping box with you.

Emma Welin

+ 46 768 65 80 43